Topic of the Month

December 2012
Seasonal Safety

No matter what holiday you celebrate, every parent looks forward to the holiday season with little ones. Seeing the holidays through a child’s eyes is extraordinary. But with all those twinkling lights, presents, and decorations, safety must be a top priority. As you decorate the house and celebrate with family this holiday season, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Never leave a child alone near a Christmas tree.
  • Use only 'newer' UL-approved indoor lights inside your home.
  • Consider LED lights which burn cool to avoid burns if your child grabs the lights.
  • Trim lower branches to avoid eye injury.
  • Keep the tree in a sturdy, wide stand so it can't topple over.
  • Poisonous flowers include mistletoe, holly berries,Jerusalem cherries, and amaryllises. Keep them out of reach of all children.
  • Keep glass ornaments and detachable hanging decorations out of baby's reach. Consider plastic ornaments or more “baby friendly” ornaments for a few years.
  • Vacuum often to stay on top of fallen needles so baby can't put them in her mouth.
  • Discard all wrapping paper, ribbons, plastic bags and other packaging material after gifts have been opened.
  • Make sure all gifts for baby are large enough that they can't fit in his mouth, ears or nose.
  • Do not use tinsel or garland because it is a choking hazard and can create an intestinal blockage if a toddler should swallow it.
  • Double check ornaments and decorations for loose bells and trimmings that could cause a chocking hazard.
  • Be cautious of  heavy stocking holders. Toddlers can easily pull on a stocking and pull  the holder down on top of them.
  • Be on the look out for hard candies, nuts and other easily accessible foods around the  food table.