Topic of the Month

February 2013
Disconnect to Reconnect!

In this technology-driven world, most people can’t live without their smart phones, laptops and tablets. Our gadgets get us through the day, from replying to work emails to texting a cute photo of baby. It’s so natural to be connected 24/7 that it’s easy to forget the importance of spending quality face-to-face time with our loved ones.

This month, be conscious of your technology habits and learn how to disconnect and reconnect with the following tips:

  • Spend at least 20 minutes a day of one-on-one time with your partner. After you put the kids to bed, turn off your cell phones and the TV and enjoy the ability to talk without distractions.
  • Institute a no-phone rule at dinner. Forget about emails and put the phone away when you’re at the dinner table…or breakfast table.
  • Unplug and schedule a date night once a month. Can’t find a sitter? Trade with a friend or sibling: they watch your kids one weekend, you watch their kids the following weekend.
  • Leave notes around the house to show your partner that you care. Even though you both have hectic schedules, taking the time to leave a hand written note is a great way to let your significant other know that you care.

Keep in mind that children often mimic what their parents do. If your children see you connected to your smart phone, tablet or computer all the time, they’re likely to think it’s acceptable and mimic that behavior.  Show your children that multi-tasking isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, completely disconnecting from work, email and the online world is what a family really needs to spend quality time together.