Childhood Injury Prevention Network-Bay Area

The CIPN-Bay Area (Childhood Injury Prevention Network-Bay Area) is a multi-disciplinary group of individuals and agencies crossing County lines who share a passion for a safer world.

The group is committed to a leadership role in improving the lives of children through building community awareness of unintentional injury as a public health priority, and influencing legislation.

The aim is to provide networking opportunities; information and data-sharing; and offer individual expertise in various areas of injury prevention within and beyond the group.

The Network's focus is primarily on unintentional injuries for a target population of children 0-14 years of age in these areas:

It is known that 90% of childhood unintentional injuries can be prevented. The CIPN-Bay Area is confident that knowledge from multiple disciplines strengthens the approach to prevention. By forming a core of skilled injury prevention practitioners, these experts are prepared to lead, collaborate, and advocate for effective prevention strategies. One of the objectives of the Network is to begin to understand more about how to affect behavior modification within the local communities, which will enable children and their caretakers to build resiliency. This knowledge will promote equitable outcomes for all children, and begin to reduce injury disparities that now exist due to race or socio-economic status which often limits access to simple safety devices.

The Childhood Injury Prevention Network-Bay Area (CIPN-Bay Area) recently launched a project to develop educational materials for Baby Safety Month (BSM). Baby Safety Month is celebrated annually by the founder, Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA), as well as National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Home Safety Council, Keeping Babies Safe, and Skipper Vigil among others. A State resolution for BSM in California was secured by the CIPN-Bay Area for 2009. A 16 month calendar (September 2009 through December 2010) was designed and produced- . The calendar begins with September which is a 2 page month with safety tips included for each day. The remainder of the calendar features safety tips for each month. On the back cover there is an injury prevention website directory and on the inside back cover is a list of car seat check up resources. 10,000 calendars were produced with funding by Children's Hospital & Research Center CalNevHa Kiwanis grant, and Children's Hospital & Research Center, Kohl's Injury Prevention Program grant, for community distribution. A press release and a gala reception are planned for September 24 to introduce the new calendar and celebrate Baby Safety Month. The event will take place at Alameda County Emergency Medical Services offices. An Alameda County Supervisor will read the resolution. The CIPN-Bay Area plans to open a web domain in the future which will feature local injury prevention resources as well as safety tips for parents and many other features. The calendar will be available in pdf for download from the new site. To find out more about the Baby Safety Month project, to obtain a copy of the calendar, or the State resolution, contact Bonnie Lovette RN MS PNP, Injury Prevention Coordinator, Trauma Services, Children's Hospital & Research Center: Oakland, (while supplies last)