Oh-so Easy Tips on Making Organic Baby Food

Little did I know that going through nine months of pregnancy only to go onto a very long delivery process would lead me to being a baby food chef in the kitchen. But after doing a little research to find simple recipes and finding I already had the basic kitchen tools in my cupboard cooking became really easy! And with the epidemic of obese children and unhealthy food consumption on the rise in America I found it only fitting that new parents educate themselves on how to create healthy eating habits at home from day one with their baby.

If I was able to choose organic foods that had no pesticides and foods that we’re in season then whipping up baby food in the kitchen would not only be economical but honestly the healthiest thing I could do for her!

I wanted to share some simple tips for new parents on how to make organic baby food from home. If you have any easy recipes or tips you’d like to share with our readers feel free to post them here.


* Choose organic vegetables and fruits. Buy from farmer's market or co-ops to save money and support your local business owners.

* Remember the dirty dozen (highest rated fruits and veggies with pesticides) so you know where to go organic first. For the “Dirty Dozen” list go here: http://www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php

* Cook in batches so you can freeze a supply of food and always label with the date you prepared it.

* Freeze in ice cube or 1 ounce sizes so you can track how much baby is eating.

* Have the right tools handy in your kitchen.

* Don't be afraid to experiment. For example, you can combine different fruits like apples and pears to make a yummy, flavorful puree.

Tools & Itsabelly’s Cook Book Faves:

* good quality food processor

* steamer basket

* medium to large size pot

* peeler

* knife

* measuring cup

* BPA-Free baby food storage containers

* Portable BPA-Free food mill for traveling

* Freezer safe storage containers

* Anabel Karmel's Super Foods for Babies & Children Cook Book: http://www.amazon.com/Superfoods-Babies-Children-Annabel- Karmel/dp/0743275225

* The Baby Cuisine Cook Book & DVD: http://www.alinascucina.com/

* Video Link to Organic Baby Food Demo on View from the Bay TV Show: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=view_from_the_bay/food_wine&id=...

Three Easy Organic Baby Food Recipes

Easy Yummy Organic Veggie Puree

1 tablespoon organic baby rice cereal

3 tablespoons organic milk or baby's usual milk

1/4 cup of any organic veggie puree (such as carrot or broccoli)

Mix the baby rice and milk together according to the package instructions and stir into the vegetable puree until thoroughly combined.

Note: to make veggie puree - steam organic vegetable until very soft and then puree in blender or food processor until smooth. Add a little of the water from the bottom of the steamer to dilute it if necessary.

Baby's First Organic Fruit Puree

2 medium organic apples or pears, peeled and cored

2 tablespoons water or unsweetened organic apple juice

Chop the apple or pear into small pieces and steam in pot until tender. About 6-8 mins for apple and 4 mins for pears.

Blend the fruit into a smooth puree with a bit of the cooking liquid from the bottom of the steamer.

Serve lukewarm.

Organic Tomato Coulis

1 medium tomato

2 basil leaves

Steam tomato, drain the cooking liquid, add the basil and puree.


parenting tips

Not only preparing food but storing them is also an important factor. There are many different ways to store homemade baby food in the freezer. If you plan on serving the same foods for a week at a time, you can store the baby foods in medium to large jars, similar to jelly jars.

Baby Food Recipe

My baby Khai, who is now almost a year old, has been a hemp food baby since well.. he was a fetus. I’ve enjoyed Organic Shelled Hempseed in just about every dish I’ve whipped up knowing the edestin in the hemp seed is going to nourish me & vegan my babe. A have a great recipe for here http://www.suzieqhempfood.com/ I hope this inspires you and you inspire others In Joy! Karmiin

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